How do you encourage conversations on a seemingly taboo topic such as diarrhoea? By calling in the experts, of course – and we don’t mean doctors or health experts, but comedians!

That’s exactly what GO Communications did when engaged by Ipsen, a leading global biopharmaceutical group, to showcase Smecta, an oral suspension solution to aid in diarrhoea relief, while promoting healthy discussion on the much-avoided topic.

Smecta Comedy Show


To achieve this, GO organised a public health awareness forum, which took a form of a light-hearted comedy session. Titled “Take a stand with Smecta”, the virtual event was hosted by Malaysian comedy veteran, Douglas Lim, while featuring “Queen of Comedy” Joanne Kam and local comedy heavyweights, Papi Zak and Kavin Jay, who each shared their own personal experiences with diarrhoea.

The show garnered more than 27,000 views online. But more importantly, achieved its objective on shedding a light-hearted look on an important health issue.

Perhaps laughter really is the best medicine.