13 Feb 2019

Public relations firm GO Communications has won the mandate for A&W in Malaysia, the country’s first ever fast food restaurant.

The mandate includes publicising its expansion plans and ‘making it relevant to a new generation of consumers’.  

The announcement:

A&W Malaysia has awarded communications agency, GO Communications, a public relations contract to publicise its expansion plans in the country while rejuvenating the brand to a modern generation of consumers.

The brand made local history when it became the first ever fast food restaurant to be opened in Malaysia.  It was not long before the brand etched itself into the hearts of Malaysians with its famed and distinguished RB Float, Coney, burgers, waffles and its beloved mascot, Rooty the Bear. It would go on to be a brand with which Malaysians from all walks of life would grow and love, creating deeply rooted memories with friends and loved ones.

Indeed, the A&W brand was the pioneer of the fast food industry in Malaysia. Now, A&W plans to leverage on its rich heritage and legacy in Malaysia to make a big comeback to relive its glory days, reclaiming the hearts and minds of a new generation of discerning consumers.  Tasked with promoting this agenda is GO Communications through a mix of communications initiatives.

“These are exciting times indeed for the fast food industry, and we believe the time and market conditions are ripe to revive the A&W image in Malaysia to modern consumers, many of whose parents and even grandparents grew up with the brand. And we could not think of a better partner in this endeavour than GO Communications, who have a strong track record of sound industry knowledge, coupled with an out-of-the-box approach to communications and storytelling,” said George Ang, CEO of A&W Malaysia.

He added that A&W Malaysia plans to increase the number of its restaurants in the country to 60 by the end of 2019 and 100 by the end of 2020. These plans also come at a time when the A&W brand celebrates its centennial anniversary worldwide this year.

“A&W is certainly a unique and inspiring brand, especially in Malaysia, having created a distinct identity while building affinity with Malaysians of all ages. Just ask about any Malaysian, young or old, and they’ll have their own unique A&W story to tell. That’s how personal the brand is to Malaysians. Leveraging on this exceptional brand identity, we are indeed thrilled to be working with A&W while restoring the brand to its former and much deserved glory,” said Peter de Kretser, CEO of GO Communications.

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