10 Aug 2020


A common assumption that many have with regards to virtual events is that you lose out on the human touch, which essentially drives the purpose of having an event in the first place.

As we adjust to the new normal, we are also evolving how we create unforgettable experiences. And with today’s technology, there are many ways that you can make amazing events for your guests, while they remain in the comfort and safety of their homes.  

LEGO Super Mario, not only brings one of the world’s most beloved characters out of the virtual world and into real life, but also introduces a brand-new, interactive play experience to players all over the world. The new LEGO Super Mario product line features an interactive LEGO Mario figure that collects coins in real-life game levels created with LEGO bricks. Neither a video game nor a traditional LEGO brick-based set, it promises to change the way people interact with Super Mario in the physical world and engage in LEGO experiences.

The LEGO Super Mario Virtual Event was a joined event between Malaysian and Singaporean KOLs, with the host located in a different location in Singapore, and the Spokesperson, located in a completely different continent all together. The focus of the event was to educate participants on the new play experience that the LEGO Super Mario range introduces. We were also required to highlight the interactive qualities of the event through well, making the event as interactive as possible.

The LEGO Group is always looking for ways to heighten ones building experience. So, prior to the event, the LEGO Super Mario PR kits, which comprised two of the sets, an invite card, and a Bingo card to be used on the day of the event, were hand delivered to each individual. This not only added a human touch to the event, but also enabled the participants to familiarise themselves with the new play experience before the actual event.

On the morning of the event, in line with Mario’s nationality, Tiramisu cups were delivered to each of the participants. Conducted on Zoom, the event comprised an introduction by Lead Designer of LEGO Group, Jonathan Bennink, which allowed everyone present to receive first-hand information on the new range before anyone else in the world. Also arranged was a quiz and a Bingo session. The main highlight of the event, was a series of inter-team challenges of which participants were required to collect as many coins as possible using their LEGO Super Mario builds. To wrap everything up, A Question and Answer session with the man with the plan, Jonathan Bennink.

As a follow-up, a feedback form was sent out to all participants. Results revealed that the event was greatly received and impactful.